Resizing gears to fit a space

I want to make some geared mechanisms that will fit inside mint or tobacco tins. Does anyone know how to resize the gear app so the teeth will fit properly when made?

I could be wrong…But. I was playing around with the gear app just yesterday, the app warns not to resize the gears because the teeth may not mesh correctly, but after a bit of messing around with it for a bit, I believe the warning was intended to mean do not resize the gears individually.
I set the gears that I wanted in place, then grabbed ALL of the gears at once and resized everything to fit my workspace… the gears still mesh.

use this

Pretty nifty for these online gear tools. :smiley:

Thanx, the first method seems to work, I will know tomorrow when I make the cuts. The second method will take some study before I can make it work for me

That seems to work. At least its a proof of concept and I can start developing the idea further.