Resizing help boxes unable to see options

I’m working in easel pro and my option boxes are too large and I don’t see how to resize. When you right click to change options in shape and cut and you want to use cut, the box is too large and you’re not able to see options at the bottom. Such as edit points and on the project properties . I’m doing something wrong , it wasn’t that way before. Maybe it’s the heat here in Texas, Help! Mark C.

This sounds like one of 3 (or multiple) likely issues…

  1. Your Browser zoom setting it not set at 100% (standard zoom) but rather it’s zoomed in some amount. Pressing Ctrl+0 will reset zoom in most browsers, or you may need to google search how to adjust browser zoom in your specific browser.
  2. Your Windows Font/Text sizing is set larger than the defaults, OR a custom theme is applied, which can cause issues with sizing within Easel. you may want to remove any custom theme and reset windows text/font settings to default.
  3. Your PC has a very low resolution monitor, usually the case with small screen size laptops. (not much can be done to fix this besides attaching a larger monitor or using a different device…)

I suggest looking into fixing #1 first as that is usually the main cause of the mentioned issue.

I find That often , I just grab the box and move it up or out of the way. Place curser over empty space in box and slide it out of the way. I hope that helps.

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