When taking a low resolution picture off of clipart it will not work in Easel. How can I make this work in Easel. looking for any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance. Semper Fi.

This is most likely your problem. I’m guessing the trace you end up with is very jagged and/or blobby? Can you share the image you’re trying to work with?

The primary thing to understand is that Easel works with vector objects, not images. The image trace app/capability attempts to create vector objects from imported images, but if your image doesn’t have nice well-defined edges, it’s not going to work very well. The (one, anyway) benefit of working with vector objects is that, if you scale a tiny one up to a big one, it still perfectly retains the shape of the original. If you scale a tiny image up to a big one, you end up with a pixelated mess.

Yeah, what @cg49me said. Images are raster based, they contain only color values. Vectors are data based, they scale infinitely. My suggestion would be to find whatever clipart you want, and go to google images and do an image search by uploading the (low res) clipart image. It should search the web for a higher resolution version of that image. Generally, when performing an image trace using a raster, you want as high res as you can get, more data points for the vector program to average. You can use programs like Illustrator which will let you make much more changes to the image trace paths. If you’re still struggling you can post the image here and I’ll try to do a better image trace for you and supply an *.svg.

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Dave here is the Picture

I’m learning everyday but the computer language you all are speaking has me so confused. Please if y’all can just tell me how to do what you are talking about. Thanks for all the help.

Dave’s not here man. I’ll try to take a look at it this evening and do a trace for you.

In the meantime, I used google image search to locate this much higher resolution version. Try and trace this one first:

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@Pyrex how do you upload a low res to google and ask it to search for a higher res photo?

there’s a little photo icon in google image search that lets you upload an image. If you have Google Chrome as your browser, you can right click and hit “S” on your keyboard to do this. Then, you just arrange the results by resolution.

edit: also, you can click tools>type>line drawing if you’re looking for simple vector art, helps narrow it down. Also, if you’re looking for a particular type or style of a logo, you can select the main color of the logo to further separate out the results.

I usually go for broke when I start searching with “filetype: svg” and try to snag an original SVG vector right off the bat. Usually on bigger companies you’ll get one.

All these comments are spot on Dan, but also try these techniques in easel. It may not work with that image but it might help as you go.

  1. Finding that image in grey-scale might help easel convert it simpler.
  2. When you download the image, play with the smoothing and threshold to find the “sweet spot”.
    3.Image trace and trace outlines may help also.
  3. You could try to find a graphics program and edit colors and shapes to simplify them a bit like Adobe Illustrator.

Good Luck on your quest !

I played with it here for just a few minutes and got this far, maybe it will help?

I would like to thank all who responded to my questions. These are a couple sings that I have finished. Still cant seem to get the hang of changing things to SVG’s but I’m not giving up it will not beat me. Thanks again everyone.