[Resolved] A mind of its own

Ok, I spent a happy day last week doing some carving on the xcarve with great success. I plug the xcarve back into the same pc, with the same leads (using the same com port) and as soon as the arduino connects to the pc the machine starts to noisily creep along it’s X and Z axis, breaking a bit and trying to wrench itself apart until I pulled the power. When the usb is disconnected it sits quiet with an ominous forboding but plug the usb back in and the creep continues. Am I getting interfence over the USB? How can I troubleshoot this problem?

(edit) I since noticed that the noise is because the z axis stepper motor is juddering back and forth very quickly while the x axis creeps along continuously from left to right.

also plugged in the machine to a different pc. Same problem.

Never mind. Upon stripping the cover off the arduino discovered loose cables. S’fixed now ^^


Yeah those heavy cables are annoying. It would have been great to have a simple option in the kit to have a nice piece of plywood with predrilled holes, some bolts, and a couple of terminal strips, and bolt down the arduino box and perhaps the power supply, and run short leads from the arduino to the screwed down terminal block, might save a lot of folks some grief

When you move long cables (or the arduino box) they tend to pull and push at the small terminal blocks on the g-shield, creating havoc. I think I need to redo mine like that.