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[Resolved] Bad v-carving plunges at the start of a carve

We are actively investigating an issue with v-carving tool paths where the path can incorrectly plunge in an area where it should not plunge at all at the start of a carve. These plunges can appear at random from one simulation to the next.

Status: Issue resolved

Known workaround:

  • When you are ready to carve, refresh Easel in your browser
  • Initiate the carve walkthrough without simulating paths first
  • Start your carve
  • Pause the carve immediately and inspect the tool paths on the 3D preview. There should not be any bad plunges
  • Resume the carve

Notes: This issue is currently our top priority to fix.


Added a workaround and updated the status to “Fix identified, testing in progress before release”

This issue has been resolved.