[Resolved] Easel Jogging works correctly, but odd lighting on my GShield xyz

I’m in the testing phase of my 500mm X-Carve, and while i’m having probs (created topics for them), I noticed something odd while i was going through Easel setup. when it asks to test the x,y & z axis motors in both directions, my machine seems to be working fine (other than it seems to go too far on jogs, but i have that in another topic). all 3 axis move in the correct directions.
BUT today (and it may have been happening all along), i noticed that the "Activity LED’s on the GShield are lighting strangely…
an example:
When i jog back & forth for the X-Axis, all three (X, Y & Z LED’s light up. I do notice that the X LED flickers at startup & stop of the jog, just like I would expect for step pulses on acceleration/deceleration, and the Y & Z LED’s were lit steadily during the X jogs.
This same thing happened on the Y & Z jogs, all 3 LED’s lit, and flicker at beginning/end of jog on the Axis LED that was selected to test.

strange or what?

Russ from Coral Springs, Florida.

Because your other steppers not moving, going into lock mode. If you don’t have light it might move freely. That’s normal. Steppers always gets power, if it’s not under command, they locks. Moving ones flickers.

I see!!! thanks for getting back to me. this makes sense. i’m not sure if i should start up another topic for this, but I noticed in the wiring instructions for the Y-axis steppers, that one motor was wired up normally and the other motor had the 1st 2 wires reversed(to have the other Stepper rotate reverse from the other). my question is why only the 1 pair of wires reversed and not both pairs on the one stepper reversed?

is there a way of marking this topic “Resolved”?


Yep, I’ve changed the subject. As far as changing one pair, I believe one pair is power/ground, and the other is signal forward/back. You want to flip the forward/back as the motors are mirroring each other, but not the power/ground, because that would let all of the magic smoke out of the motor.