[Resolved] Gantry Assembly Help

The instructions for the assembling the 1000mm gantry aren’t as clear as the previous steps and I could us some help.


  1. How many T-Slot Nuts are supposed to be on the top of the MakerSlide Extra Wide 1000mm Tapped Black rail?
  2. I have the same question but for the back side of the rail.

On this page, it shows one nut already in the top of the MakerSlide, but doesn’t mention to add one.

This page says to “insert two pre-assembly insertion nuts into the groove on the top of the makerslide” but doesn’t give a part number.

The next step says “Before attaching the other gantry side plate, insert two pre-assembly insertion nuts into the top rail of the main rail so that the belting can be attached later”. Does that mean 2 more for a total of 4?

A few steps later, I see at least one t-nut on the back of the MakerSlide, but I didn’t see any steps showing me to insert one (or more) when before putting the side plates on the on.

I’d love to avoid having to taking something apart several steps later to add/remove parts.

Thanks advance for the help.

Thank you for the quick response!


I Confirm what phil said, as I just unconstructed today. @Phantomm made me do it


Nanananana! Made you do it made you do it! (Insert annoying childish chant here) :smiling_imp:

Didn’t say I didn’t like it

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Hey gang - I’m stuck here with this part now and I’m not seeing an answer in this thread… would you mind reconfirming what this is? Thanks!

@NeilJohnson , it’s been awhile so I tried looking at my machine to figure how what the original answer was.

I think it is two on the top of each rail.

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Thanks so much for confirming!

Im sorry, I am super new to this, I JUST recieved this machine…not knowing the massive EXTENT of assembly…I am on the Gantry Assembly part and am lost at this point, I was doing SO well! The pictures are no longer clear, any recommendations…please? :slight_smile:

I can’t help you without seeing exactly where you’re having problems. That said, I watched New Brit Workshop’ series of assembly videos before and during assembly of mine. Actually paused the vid at each step, then pressed play again at the next.

When you’re done with this series, go watch Paw Paw’s videos on xcarve tuning and usage. He’s a wealth of knowledge.

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Awww! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! God Bless!! xoxoxo