[Resolved] Inventables emails got caught by mail filter

Some time ago my gShield died so I tried contacting Inventables for support and suggestions on what to do next but they wont respond. I sent a email maybe a week ago and another one two or three days ago but I haven’t heard back from them.
What should I do next? Thanks!


This is not normal, maybe they didn’t get the e-mails. Try the telephone.

Hi @SnabelDraken I’m sorry you are having a hard time getting a hold of Inventables. We have 7 people monitoring our support emails. I’m the CEO and I just logged in to our Customer Success portal and it looks like Griffin sent you an email back on MAY 12TH, 2016 AT 9:59AM (3 DAYS AGO). You might want to check your spam folder.

We got another one from you on MAY 14TH, 2016 AT 12:27PM but we are closed on the weekend. They will respond to this one tomorrow (Monday). I’ll send Griffin a note directly so he is aware of your frustration on this matter.

Sorry for the trouble.



I really appreciate that I can talk to the CEO, you don’t get that kind of help very often theese days :slight_smile:
It seems that my email program have automaticly marked all emails from Inventables as ‘‘read’’ without me even seeing them. So I found Griffin’s response and I have now replied so everything is back in order :slight_smile:
Zach you should be really proud of what you have created! Your forum is truly awesome :smiley:

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I second the last line!