[Resolved] Power Supply Fuse

Hey Guys,

i might be the only one who blew the fuse in the power supply but would anyone know what fuse is used? unfortunatley the fused is soldered right to the circuit board and i dont want to take it out until i have a replacement… i guess its a 17A fuse but i couldnt find anything of the sort in my local hardware stores.

Did you check your local automotive supply shops?

Yea, they had only 10A ceramic fuses. i bought them to just try (i mean 90 cents, who wouldnt?) wired it it in paralell to burnt fuse and turned on power supply. the ceramic 10a fuse ALMOST imeadiatley burnt out. only after fan turned on.

anything stronger (which i found) wont fit into that tiny area.

@BartDring i feel like you would have the most immeadiate answer…

Looks like a standard, 5x20mm, but, with leads. The leads are not standard, AFAIK.

Also, if that is inside the power supply, it’s may be a bad one.

@Ajbadner This fuse should never burn out. You can safely short the output of the power supply, so something must be wrong with it and a fuse will not fix it. Please contact help@inventables for a new one. We will want that one back for analysis.


okay. will do…

as you can see i already opened it up and removed the circuit board… I can re-assemble it but will that be a problem?

edit: Thanks so much btw :slight_smile:

We don’t need it assembled. Don’t worry about screws, etc…just the major parts.

For reference, what line voltage do you use?

Inventables Killed it. got shipping confirmation for a new power supply with barely any questions asked! i’ll go ahead and close this post :slight_smile:

Just got my inventables kit in and my powersupply is broken too. Going to hitup help@inventables.