[resolved] Problem with the first connection easel

Good evening everyone, my name is Adrien, I am French, excuse me for my English, I just bought my x carve for christmas, a child’s dream come true, I just finished editing my x carve but when I wanted to go to Step Setup machine, I followed the steps and easel local downloaded once all completed, I clicked machine Setup, but it does not know anything happened, looking, j I saw that the problem was coming from my pc, because this version was not compatible with windows 7, so I found another version, but once the com put it loads, but nothing happens, I do know what to do, I sought, but I found nothing. Small question by the way, should you put in a program for the Arduino GRBL because I just downloaded Arduino, more must be done, I’m confused.

thanks a lot for your help

(French version)
Bonsoir a tous,Je m’appelle Adrien, je suis français, excusé moi pour mon anglais, je viens d’acquérir mon x carve pour noël, un rêve d’enfant qui se réalise, je viens de finir le montage de mon x carve, mais lorsque j’ai voulu passer à l’étape Machine Setup, j’ai suivi les étapes et téléchargé easel local, une fois tout rempli, j’ai cliqué sur Machine Setup, mais il ne sait rien passé, en cherchant, j’ai vu que le problème venais de mon pc, car cette version n’ai pas compatible avec window 7, j’ai donc trouvé une autre version, mais une fois le com mis, il charge, mais rien ne se passe, je ne sais plus quoi faire, j’ai cherché, mais je n’ai rien trouvé. Petite question au passage, faut-il mettre un programme dans l’arduino pour le GRBL, car j’ai juste téléchargé arduino, faut-il faire plus, je suis un peu perdu.

Hi AdrienCharles. Can You connect to Your X-carve with UGS ?

You want to use the downloaded Arduino IDE to get a device driver installed for the Arduino. You do not want to load a sketch as that would over-write grbl and then you would have to re-load grbl into the Arduino.

Did you follow the steps for loading the Arduino driver?

Thank you very much for your answers.
Hugo, what do you mean by UGS.
LarryM, I followed the steps that are here, I have not forgotten, are there other step that needs to be done and that are not marked here. If a person has ties to give me to complete the steps, I’m interested because I do not understand anything and I began to lose myself on the site.



(French version)

Merci beaucoup pour vos réponses.

Hugo, que veut-tu dire par UGS.

LarryM, j’ai suivi les étapes qui sont ici, je n’en ai pas oublié, y a-t-il d’autre étape qui faut faire et qui ne sont pas marqué ici.
Si une personne a les liens à me donner pour compléter les étapes, je suis preneur, car je n’y comprends plus rien et je commence à me perdre sur le site.

You got new serial port in Controll Panel in Windows?

You make that step right ? http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/step16/

UGS is Universal G-code Sender. You can download it here https://github.com/winder/Universal-G-Code-Sender/releases. Run, set com port and see if You can connect to Your x-carve.

Thank you for your answer, your first link was already installed, there is nothing else to do for this step?

I downloaded UGS, but I can not install it, I do it can be wrong?
Can you explain me the steps, like that, or I’d see I was wrong.

Anyway thank you very much.

(French version)

Merci pour ta réponse, ton premier lien été déjà installé, il n’y a rien d’autre à faire pour cette étape ?

J’ai téléchargé UGS, mais je n’arrive pas à l’installer, je le fait peut être mal ?
Peux-tu m’expliquer les étapes, comme ça, je verrais ou je me suis trompé.

En tout cas merci beaucoup.

UGS is non install software. You must just run *.bat file, then select COM port and click open.

I found the solution, thank you very much, I just recharge the library grbl and the miracle I was able to take the next step, I have a new little problem, I have sought to whence can the problem because when I ask him for example to make a circle, it will completely opposed to and will bump into.

Thank you very much and good evening