[Resolved] Set screws missing machine slipping

Ok, On the X-Carve, I’ve checked belts repeatedly. They have good tension. No loose or overly tight v-wheels. Brought the potentiometers up a notch. Checked that wiring is secure. I am still getting 2 passes on the correct paths, then it gradually drifts off of the path with each following pass. I’m at the end of my rope. I’ve tried repeatedly and have done every adjustment that can be done. For the tech guys at inventables, the file is called “Deer Portrait for Rack”. Using a 1/16 two flute fish tail bit. Going all the way through the material is my intention. .188 depth on material. This is getting really old. http://easel.inventables.com/projects/_z-fVipp3J8CdUTuK-r5Hw

Its happening to me too, a gentle drift off one axis on one side of a carving, but this evening half way through a carving that I thought was going ok, the spindle drilled a couple of deep holes and then proceeded to resume carving the pattern but 2 " off track.

Sorry to hear your having problems, Charles. What spindle are you using? How much would you say you turned your X & Y potentiometers? Can you check your stepper motor set screws, making sure they are tight?

I’m using the DeWalt 611. Forgive my ignorance but when you say stepper motor set screws…do you mean the 4 screws holding it to the plates? I initially turned the potentiometer knobs one notch…have since turned them one more notch. Sorry for my “tantrum”. It’s just getting so frustrating.

If you mean the tiny little screws that go into each pulley, I checked and tightened…but I looked on the x-carriage and my eyesight isn’t good enough to see the tiny holes on it’s pulley but I did stick the tiny allen wrench inside both set screw holes and they turned endlessly. Could this mean those two set screws came all the way out??? I don’t think they’re in there :confused: Any odds ya’ll can overnight me some set screws? I’ll dang sure use loctite on them lol

Hi Charles,

It does indeed sound like a mechanical / electrical issue. If there are no set screws on your pulleys holding them to the shaft of the stepper motor that will cause them to slip around. This will cause them to slip.

Can you take a picture and send it to our help team? They can overnight the parts you need.

Thank you Zach. The email has been sent to the help team. Here’s the picture I attached:

does look like they are missing

ive got one missing on my z pulley but it hasnt affected me as of yet. does anyone know what size these little things are so i can get some more locally?

It’s missing both set screws M3 x 4 mm

Nice job! I think you found the root cause. I have changed the title of your post to be more descriptive for future people that may have the same issue.

Our help team will get them sent out.

FYI - There is an article about this problem symptom and the possible causes (including an issue with set screws) in our Easel troubleshooting database:


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M3 x 4 mm

Make sure at least one of the screws is on the flat side of the shaft. If you don’t have a flat ground into the side like mine, then put one on there. See my other post.

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@AngusMcleod: Fixed. Thanks for catching that.


I had a similar problem with the set screws slipping. The set screws had a small chamfer on the lead so I was not getting the full use of the thread in the pulley. I filed a small flat on the stepper spindle where the set screws sit which meant I could use all the thread in the pulley.