[Resolved] Why am i being sold and old copy of vectric software

after being allowed to download and try the vectric software. (which I thoroughly enjoyed, and learned a lot with)
I just received my machine and the associated vectric software disk.
I tried to post a screen shot of the message that I get, but it doesn’t seem to work.
But this is the message that I get.

“This file was written by a later version of the program.
To read this file you will need a later version.
File was written by version VCarve desktop trial edition 8.511”

I sincerely hope this is not a case of bait and switch for $329.00.

You get upgrades for a year. I’ve had Aspire for 6months and upgraded a couple times already. Their constantly coming out with updated versions. The 8.5 series is the newest.

I did not realize that.
thank you for the help.

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I just got my X-Carve and ordered VCarve Pro with it. I received VCarve Pro 8.5 package w/disc. So they are shipping the new release now.


However, I found the disc itself was not properly secured in the packaging and was floating around in the large shipping box of stuff for my X-Carve. However, once I turned it over the now not so shiny side of the disc I found it was severely scratched up to the point that it will not even work.

It appears Inventables packing people changed out the 8.0 disc for the 8.5 disc and never re-secured the CD packaging. It either was left out, or slipped out, and then the UPS handlers made sure the the package was mixed well… . Oh well… Email sent to support…


Here are the images…


Company has made good on this… New replacement software package on the way… Thanks… Steve…

The software updates itself, I think. I use two machine 1 to create the other to machine I got the same message.
Keep us informed

Hey Curtis, I bought aspire with my xcarve how much does it cost to stay updated after a year?


Oh ok thanks Allen

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