Restart after Interuption

If for some Reason, I were to lose internet connection, electric value, computer issue and the project stops. Is there a way to restart the project, where it left off?

Plain and simple no. You would need to start all over unless you can go in and cover the part you already did up or edit the g code.


Thank you… for such a sad answer… I was hoping for something better. I know I had not figured it out, I did purchase a UPS battery backup system that gives me 2 hours of run time if the electricity goes off. I have my computer and the CNC and my internet connected to the battery backup

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Well, to add to what Wayne said, because he is correct
There is not a way to resume where it stopped UNLESS YOU edit the gcode, OR if you’re lucky and some parts were completed in full, you could remove the parts of the design that have already been carved (or just cover up with a 0 depth shape works too) . . .

That said, loss of internet connection does not actually cause Easel to fail a carve.
After you login and load the Easel page, Easel can actually run without a network connection (with the exception of the app library, pro design library, and pro font additional library). Here’ a video of me doing just that: Why your EASEL project takes so long to SIMULATE - Not What You THINK!! - (Do Not Publish) - YouTube

The most common issues that cause carves to Fail streaming is actually:

  1. Static Discharge, usually caused by the dust collection hose discharging a shock into the cnc, which trips off for an instant.
  2. PC Power Saving Settings like sleep and screen saver
  3. Close to #2 but a separate setting that remains active even if the power save settings are all set properly… also the most often overlooked setting: USB Selective Suspend, this was a new function that in early 2021 Windows started setting to “enabled” as default. see how to disable this function here:

If these 3 items are addressed, then the only common reason remaining for the carve to stop, is the actual AC power dropping out

What UPS did you order? the average 800W entry level UPS running about $200 will only provide about 20-30 seconds of X-Carve run time when the router is also calculated out.

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Thank you, Great Information

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