Restarting a carve

If the carve is interrupted before it has completed, is there a way to restart it in the middle without starting over? (i.e. If the router bit breaks and has to be changed or depth of cut needs to be modified)
Is there a precise way to get the alignment exactly as is was before the interuption?

I’ve seen this question asked before and the answer was NO, not in Easel.

You need to rehome, use last x,y zero, reprobe z and start the whole carve again. You cannot start from where it left off.

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If you’re comfortable with g-code, you can hand edit the file to remove the already carved areas.

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Is there a technical reason such a tracking feature couldn’t be added to Easel? As a carve progresses, why not keep track of the progress and allow it to ‘resume’ from a specific point?

For example, when you run the simulation carve in the preview window, if you stop it at a certain point, allow you to begin from that moment, not from the very beginning.

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I like that idea.

I thought it might be available now. Using the arrows on the preview window the red line can stop at a given point. What other purpose is this feature used for? There are many reasons the carve gets interrupted. Having to restart a project can take an excessive amount of time on a complicated project. For detailed work it seems like the only bit that can do the work is 1/32". These little needle sized bits take forever to complete complex designs. Starting over to “air” carve over completed work is frustrating!