Retirement flag for my brother

This was my first project with the x carve. This is a retirement flag for my brother who is completing 21 of service in the Air Force. I have been making flags for several months now, normally donating them to charity or giving them as gifts. Recently I have started selling them. The idea for this one came after my brother saw a “coin rack flag” I had made and sold to a co-worker. He loved it and I told him I would make one and customize it to his retirement. He has two racks on the bottom two white stripes, his date of enlistment, some words from the family (okay, let’s be honest, I came up with them and just said they were from the family), and the Air Force emblems. The stripes are oak and the border is walnut. What do you all think?


Great job! I like that there is a contrasting border.
What do you use for the red coloring?

I took a blow torch to the oak for the burnt look and then used scarlet and true blue water based stains for the stripe and union. I also use the true blue for the thin blue line flags

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Wow, that’s a treasure! Well done. Great thought put onto it.

Nice job i am sure he will treasure it.