Retracing design using last Home spot

I am new to X-carve and easel. I am cutting out letters from 3/4" Pine with 4 letters on this board with a cut depth of.65
Seeing that i needed to cut deeper, say .07 so i don’t cut into the waste board.
I used the previous homing spot thinking this would make the spindle follow the same cut lines as the previous design but cut .05 deeper.
The first letter cut perfectly but the second letter was of on one portion of the letter and the 3rd letter was off from the beginning so I stopped the run.

Any idea what i did wrong. how to I create repeatable deigns.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Sounds like your machine skipped some steps as it went along and that will throw your cut off.


Can you add a photo of the carve results and the project too.

In easel go to project>share and set it to “unlisted” and then copy the link shown and paste the link over here.

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