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I ordered my X-Carve back in November and got it early December and to this day I am still unable to build it. I’ve run into a lot of problems from open boxes and damaged rails to missing parts. All my boxes, even the initial box of missing parts, came opened and I’m not sure why the shipping company keeps on opening my packages. To this day I’m still waiting for the aluminum spacers so I can build the Gantry side plates but have been told that they are potentially back-ordered so I may have to wait for them to be back in stock. Originally, I bought this CNC machine so I can diversify my woodworking side business and sell products during the holidays (Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s day, Chinese New Years, etc.). At this rate it doesn’t seem like I can do that and I’m not sure if this is worth all the trouble.

Has anyone had this amount of difficulty? Since it’s been almost 2 months now, do you think I can still return this product? If I return does anyone have a recommendation on what a good alternative CNC would be that is easy for a beginner to use? I don’t have a programming background so I’m not too good with the complicated software.

Hello Chris and welcome to the forum,
Sorry for your troubles. I have heard of a few people complain about something missing or broken but Inventables has always corrected the problem. Now I have heard bad stories and seen videos of shipping companies treating packages like they’re junk. I would reach out to Inventables and tell them the trouble you’re having and about the open boxes. As for a CNC being easy for beginners I would recommend the X-Carve, very easy to learn and you can do some great work with it. Hang in there Chris, it sounds more like the shipping company is at fault.
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I would do as mentioned. Contact Inventables and let them know what is going on. They do quite a bit of business with the shipping companies and might be able to get the company to find out where the problem lies.

In the event that you are home when a delivery is made, make the delivery person wait while you inspect the package(s). You should always be able to reject a package if it is damaged or has been opened/tampered with.

I personally have only ever had issues with USPS shoving things in the mailbox that is too large to fit in the front end loader of my tractor, but FedEx is a completely different story; the FedEx Ground guy that delivers to my house should be fired and his driver’s license revoked…

I hope you get the missing/damaged components or the situation is resolved to your satisfaction.


Brandon Parker

I concur.
The only thing that I would add is to take lots of pictures.

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