Returning to G28 after completing a carve appears to be losing steps

Really strange situation here. I have had my Xcarve for over 5 years and this is the first time I have noticed this issue.
My process when I power on:

  1. home machine
  2. set zero
  3. move spindle to preset G28 (I use this as my work zero)
  4. Zero X and Y

When a carve is completed the spindle will move back to the G28(work position)
Previously this has worked fine but now is seems to be losing steps randomly

Recent Changes
Upgraded to 9mm mm belts with Z axis upgrade
New GRBL setting I used are as follows
Z axis
X axis and Y Axis

I have trammed and squared the machine and the spindle
Belt tension is set to 2,75 pounds.

I am using Apire 9.0 for creating files and Picsender as a G-Code sender.

I have

checked to make sure the belts aren’t slipping and that all my V-wheels are tensioned properly.

Reaching out to see if there are any suggestions as to what may cause this.

Adding a couple pictures for examples of where it shows the X and Y returning to after the carve.