Reversing for Tiling a 4x8 for X-Carve Pro?

Hi X-Carve Community!

I’m pretty new to both CNC and Easel. Where I’m putting the machine is with the back against a wall, as I don’t have quite enough room to have the machine in the center.

This is an Easel question, because I’m wondering how to tile a 4x8, since I can’t just have 4 feet hanging out the back. I wanted to do one side, then pull it out and do the other side, by rotating the piece and putting it back in. Is this possible in Easel? Tiling appears to be just pulling it through, but I won’t have enough space to get a 4x8 in that way.

Thanks for any help and feedback about my setup is always helpful!



Perfect Alignment between those 2 carves will be tough… perfect alignment even with a straight through tile it a process to learn and master, but reversing it will make it even more painful…
But the process you described isn’t impossible, it’s just the alignment that will give you trouble.

I would suggest a rolling table that could be pulled out when needed for tiling. But I also have a 4x4 cnc and it’s “on wheels” but I’ve only moved it less than 1ft in the past 3 years… so I get it that you probably don’t want to move it around… BUT whichever way you go I suggest using some rolling outfeed stands and use them to support the extending workpiece like this. Otherwise the workpiece might bend or break while you do the 2nd cut if it’s not well supported…

Personally, I’ve gone ahead and split my projects into smaller pieces and cut them from 4x4 and then spliced the pieces together using biscuits and a backing board spanning the seal on the back for added support. and that’s how I’ve done things larger than my bed instead of trying to move the table OR doing the reverse tile method… (Just another method to think about)

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Hi Seth-!

Thank you for your response.

Given my inexperience, I’ll probably just have to learn with smaller projects for now, and wait till I have more space to not try to fight an already difficult process. Thanks for your input!

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