Reversing motor

This seems like a simple question but my search is giving me as many different answers as there are possibilities.

This is my motor. Which wires do I need to swap in order to reverse rotation?
I already tried swapping the red with blue wire, which I thought was correct. It isn’t…
Other suggestions have been

  1. swap both red-blue AND yellow-white
  2. swap red-white AND Blue-yellow

which is it?


Unless I am missing something obvious :wink:
To reverse a stepper you swap around one pair, any pair will do.

Could the datasheet be incorrect? Do you know how you can identify which wires are pairs?
Free spin shaft by hand, no wires hooked up - feel the lack of friction (small)
Connect any two wires to each other, friction increase? => one pair. The other two is the 2nd pair.

Thats exactly what I thought also, but it didn’t work when I tried it this morning.

Turns out another cable was not inserted well which conflicted with whatever I was doing.

I corrected my mistake and sure enough switching one pair did the job.

Thanks all. I’ll go sit in a corner now and contemplate my stupidity. :sunglasses:

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