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Ridgid Trim router 2401

How much Canadian is 1 US$ ?

You can find a new 611 on eBay for $99

Ya it sucks! I’m hesitant to buy the DeWalt especially because for close to the same price I can get a .8kW VFD Spindle. Decisions to make!

Google tells me that 1 CAD = 0.75 USD. It used to be just about on par a year ago.

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I didn’t even think of that! I will have to check it out.

What collet adapter and collet nut are you using on the Ridgid R2401 to allow you to use a 1/8bit?

What is your experience with runout?

Hi @RobertMitchell! I replied to your comment on my YouTube video, and just now saw that you’d asked here as well, so here’s what I said over there:

I’m actually using a simple 1/4" -> 1/8" reducer bushing on this, nothing fancy at all. I bought mine from MLCS Woodworking:

I’ve never made the effort to measure runout, but the bushings don’t
appear to add any noticeable deflection. I cut out some very small,
detailed ornaments out of acrylic this past Christmas with a 1/32"
spiral upcut bit. All of the cut edges were nice and smooth, and
(somewhat to my surprise) the whole job ran without breaking the bit.

For a few dollars it’s definitely doing a good job. I don’t even know if
anyone makes a precision collet for the Ridgid routers. I used mine
because I already had some mounting clamps from a previous DIY-CNC
build, and it was fairly easy to adapt everything to the X-Carve. I
still intend on replacing it one day though, I’d like to have something
that can go slower than 20,000 RPM. :slight_smile: