Rigging up my dust boot after upgrading my Z- axis

I finally got all my upgrades installed and was finally ready to start carving again, but obviously my suckit dust boot isn’t going to fit. Was just going to order the add on kit from them. but after looking at the price with shipping included and being in Canada, the price was gonna run me around 50-60 bucks CAN. so I figured I’d take a crack at making my own!

So I bought a few small threaded inserts and some screws from the hardware store 2-3 bucks, I carved it out of some 1/2" pine (for now, as a test), gonna cut some out of maple.



Z-Probe ?

No unfortunately no z-probe, I have the older x-carve with the gshield and haven’t figured out how to hook one up to that lol

No worries… that’ll be my challenge… :slight_smile:

Just installed my new Z axis last night and tonight modified the SuckIt to fit using the method in this thread. I modified the top and bottom holders to work with the new width but need to find something a bit stronger than the acrylic as one cracked already. Hopefully the glue will hold for a bit.

Keeping an eye on this thread as an alternative way to go.

I’m definitely gonna carve some out of hardwood. I can hear the pine cracking when I tighten the screws. Might make them a little thicker than 1/2" as well.

If there is a step by step somewhere on the forum that would be awesome. Have not found it if it exists.

Take a pre-made terminal wire, or a 20 guage solid wire and push it into the Probe terminal block connector on the Arduino.

Hook the other end of that wire to the touch plate.

Run another wire from a GND terminal block connector to an alligator clip for attaching to the mill.

Use some method to prevent the wires you added from moving around at the Arduino.

Now you have a Z probe.


Awesome! Thanks Larry!

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