Right-click menu

We added a right-click menu to Easel to make it easier to access the tools in the “Edit” menu. You can now right click to do things like send shapes forward/backwards and combine. Here is a demo gif.


Awesome, Love the frequent updates of Easel. Can’t wait to see what features come out next.

Context Menu = AWESOME!!!

Keep up the great work!



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YESSSSSSS FINALLY :slight_smile: Was hoping for this to come! Really hoping for folders to come out soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Folders would be great!


While we’re on the discussion of things that we hope will be added…

Can we get a CTRL + Click to select multiple items…

Having two/ more items over the top of other items (ie. multi-layered cuts) it becomes really difficult to select only those pieces desired. It seems like this would be a simple feature to add.



You can shift + click to do what you are asking.

THX Paul
Keep up the good work there

I´m looking forward to see if you can make all the
objects in easel in alphabetical order too

Kristian / Sweden

I need that too

THIS! Thank you!


I guess I never thought about the shift key. Normally for applications it’s Shift + Click to select all items between and CTRL + Click to select specific items leaving the ones in between not selected.

Either way now I know…



Just learned in Easel the other day that Shift + Mouse button one and drag, allowed moving the 3D view around (up and down, as well as left and right). Allows one to really zoom into the tool path. Thought I was stuck with only Control + mouse button one to tilt the 3D view. The 2 combined allows dialing in a great view as needed.

list of shortcuts…


Another one that I found accidentally is that on the “left” working window (not the preview)… the wheel button will move your screen up and down, and if you hold “Shift” + wheel mouse. the screen will move left or right.

I agree with Phil, this is common practice in CAD/graphic enviroments.

Another feature I’d like is to lock individual objects to their given position, eliminating the chance to unintentionally move it about.

Also, aligning objects relative to each other:
If I have two objects I’d want to center align to each other (not to stock) When selected they will center in a position somehwere between their starting points.
If I can select my reference object, SHIFT+click object #2 and them perform vertical/horisontal align only object #2 will move, into center of object #1 (reference object) :slight_smile:

That is not a bug, that is the intended functionality. I’ve used software that did this before (I think v-carve) and thought it was very difficult to learn how to use, I thought there was a bug because I couldn’t select things consistently until someone told me about the left to right / right to left thing.

Also thanks everyone for the enthusiasm!

Having two actions depending from which way you drag will be confusing for beginners. I suspect that most of the people who are complaining don’t even use Easel as their main design tool. I personally would prefer a tool that is consistent.