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Here are two pieces of software that work by partial overlap: Illustrator and Powerpoint.

I understand that drafting programs work that way. I have been left furious by “drafting” software that gives no feedback when you select over part of a shape.

Perhaps something like “shift+rectangular selection” would be a good option for the “full select” you are talking about?

In Rhino 5 (3D CAD program), if you click the mouse button and drag left to right you select only objects that are fully enclosed in the selection box.

If you click the mouse button and drag right to left then you select objects that have any portion of them in the selection box.


I really like how the Vectric programs handle vector selection.

If you are dragging the selection box open to the right (moving mouse from left to right) - then only the vectors that are completely in the selection box are selected.

If you are dragging the selection box open to the left (moving mouse from right to left) - then any vectors that are touched by the selection box are selected.


I use TurboCAD to do my 2D sketches and 3D modeling at home. It selects vectors and 3D bodies the same way Larry and Allen have described and absolutely love it!!

I feel this would be a great addition to Easel.

The other thing Easel needs is to make it harder for vectors to move/shift when you directly click on them with your mouse button. I’m not sure how you do that software wise… maybe by adding a split second delay to any move commands during and after the click??


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It undoubtably seems useful to have the “select interior only” functionality. The thing I object to is how confusing it is to someone who is brand new, trying to do partial selection left to right (as all prior experience would have them do) and having nothing happen.

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I think that a quick tooltip would let most people know how it works. Once you use Right/Left vs Left/Right selection one time it becomes very obvious. In the overall process of learning to use a CNC machine and CAD/CAM software the vector selection process is about the easiest thing a new user will learn.

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I agree! Not being able to select multiple objects within a drawing by dragging without selecting ALL objects is a major drawback. I am a newbie to CAD but experienced using using drawing apps like Inkscape, Gimp and Draw Plus all allow a drag and select only object completely surrounded. This is much more efficient than trying to click individual objects one at a time. I haven’t used the left to right drag but I am sure it would be easily to adjust and useful.

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