Ring Doorbell flush mount for siding

Has anyone ever cut a piece of wood so it would flush mount on vinyl siding? I picked up 2 ring video doorbells and would like to mount them on my siding. Searching online for them and they are either tough to find or expensive. My 2 local box stores were pretty much useless with very little or nothing in stock,

I have Vcarve Pro and not sure how you would cut I guess you would call it a bevel


I’m having a hard time imagining what shape you need to carve. Are you able to post a picture of the surface you are looking to mount to?

I assume you want to carve the inverse is that correct?

Something like this, but more to the size of the doorbell.

Here’s how I modeled a security camera mount that fit over siding like you’re talking about, though I 3D printed the result instead of carving it (you could do something similar). I used a contour gauge and set it against the siding. Then without disturbing it I set it on the floor next to a ruler and took a picture from straight above with the camera as high as possible set to a longer zoom to fill the frame (the longer zoom avoids distortion with a more wide angle lens). I then brought that image into Fusion 360, calibrated to the ruler, traced the profile of the siding and drew a flat line parallel to the profile to act as the mounting surface. I then extruded it a little and 3D printed a sample to check up against the siding to see if the shape was good. I then extruded out to the full width required and modeled anything else I needed like mounting and cable holes - I was very careful to rotate the orientation of the holes so they would not drill into the lip of the siding, only into the flatter outside surfaces. I designed the top edge so it would fit under the overhang of the siding and incorporated a slope in the top so it would shed water better. Then I 3D printed the whole thing and used screws to mount it and caulked behind and above it.


I have no access to 3d printer, But that is what I’m looking to achieve.

The point was mostly the steps in modeling it. Once you got that far you could orient it with the flat side down and use Fusion to generate the toolpath to carve the profile out of the top. My profile did involve a slight overhang which you can’t do with an XYZ CNC, but you can get pretty close.

Thanks for your response. I have no expertise in Fusion but have used Vcarve Pro for quite some time now. Maybe I can figure out how to carve something with that.

Thanks again

could use 1/4" PVC. you could cut the siding profiles as separate pieces (might want to stack a few for strength) and then a flat piece for the front. glue together.

Thanks all, for $19.00 I went on Ring’s web site and ordered what is called a Wedge Kit made for siding installation.

ha ha ha ha… sometimes it is the easiest solution that makes the most sense

kinda takes the sport out of it

Agree, still want to figure out how to tool-path a bevel of some sort.

I’m glad they helped you figure out this problem that is very neat. I myself would love to have a 3d printer one day. I got my siding from conservation construction of texas and could not imagine having to replace any part of it myself.

Here’s one I found, and printed it at my local Library for just $5.00 !!:

Does this work for a ring 2?
This is my issue. Can’t find one small enough and I have access to a 3 d printer.

Would it be possible to get the template for this?

I’m happy to share things, but I’m not entirely clear on what you’re requesting. The final model is probably really specific to my installation (house siding, camera model, and even mounting hole orientation. It would also be a STL file and more suitable to a large 3D printer than CNC because of the overhangs. But if you mean something else then let me know.

Try Nearly New Models…They make specialty mounts just for these video doorbells on not smooth substrates.