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Riser problems

Good day everyone.
I purchased the x carve a week ago and trying to start a new piece but wanted to test out some different bits and woods. also I purchased the risers from tbd cnc (just the risers). when doing thinner test pieces I notice that my bottom V wheels are coming off the rail. my last test I did completed one of the words seemed like it got lost, positioned at the bottom of the waste board, drilled a whole then recorrected. but the design I had in easel and what was happening didn’t match up. just curious if this is due to the risers or a connection issue. any advice would be appreciated.

What v wheels came off the bottom of the z axes?

yeah on the braces with the spindle that move up down. I have 2" risers but didn’t get any upgrades with it… prob my fault on that one. I got the risers cause I’m trying to do a butcher block sign. doing test pieces the spindles comes down to low. granted my test pieces are 1-2" thick it was working for about 30 min till it messed uo but thats when I noticed the bottom v wheels drop below the rails.

You will need to put something under your material and raise it up high enough so the wheels won’t come off. When that happens you are loosing steps and throwing your carve off not to mention you can mess something else up. Just slide a piece or 2 of plywood under your work so the z axes does not come down so far.

I’m having exactly the same problem. These were the only risers listed on the TBD website.

You guys need to understand the machine is made for the short risers inventables sends. When you raise everything 2" the z axes does not have enough travel room. It is just a matter of putting something under your material to raise the material up and you will be fine.

The Xcarve is a nicely engineered product with all of its parts working in harmony. If you want more depth to the X axis ( like people who buy an aftermarket version like Cnc4newbies might want with a 6 or 8 inch version) one would want to raise up the axes to achieve the depth of cut it provides. If you were cutting thicker material with the regular X carve, you may want risers too. You need to measure what the cut is doing and may want to have a sub table in place to raise up your thinner material.

Yeah, I just wish I’d seen a warning about potential issues on the TDB site.

Well you still have a good machine and the fix is pretty simple. And if you need to do something thick you are all set.

I got my risers and stiffeners from them a year ago. I suspect they are overwhelmed with orders. I’d give them a chance to catch up. I know it’s hard to wait but sometimes that is necessary. People get used to amazon 2 day delivery and everything else seems like eternity. Back 50 years ago you had to wait for everything to be delivered…LOL.

One of the things you can also do is move the router down as far as possible in the holder.
You will have to do some filing on the backside of the yellow housing to make it go down.
You’ll see where its hitting.