Rookie Question

Hi all just getting started.
Where is a good place to read on how to do stuff.
My first try is a disappointment but i’m not giving up.
When i put a jpeg into easel it looks like the z dimension is is not constant.
Also what bits to use from basic to advance
Help please

If you want a good start look at the project page. There are plenty of simple projects there that you can do and ussually all the setting are there and the bit size to use.


@RichSutton I have many videos that have helped a lot of people. Maybe they will help you. Here is a link to my channel.


Watch Phil’s (Paw Paw) videos…

Sounds like either play on Z-axis or loosing steps. Please show us a pic of what you see on the carved project and we might know more :slight_smile:

okay here is a picture of the problem yes the z is way wrong


here is what i’m trying to engrave

Sorry it took so longto get back been kind busy with this corona thing