Rosette inlay guitar


I want to channel out a 5mm circle in my acoustic guitar build into which I will insert an inlay around the sound hole. I can’t figure out how to get Easel to channel out a shallow circular “trench” about 120mm dia. The Pocket cut wants to remove the entire hole- not just the material between to circles (outer and inner)

Help much appreciated

I can’t say I’ve used easel to do a rosette channel, but I’ve done rosette channels on my other software. I’d say draw your circle the diameter you want and where you want it. Choose the bit diameter you plan on using. Select “cut on path”. Select your depth of cut. If you want to take multiple passes, that would depend on the settings. You need to select the circular tool and at first it will look like a circular recess. When you select cut on toolpath, it’ll look more like a rosette channel. Try it on scrap wood to determine if that result is what you want. No point in ruining a good soundboard.

My order of operations would be to rout the channel, glue in the inlay before cutting out the soundhole. I do these before the soundboard is sanded to thickness.

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use two circles.
One outer diameter set to “clear out a pocket” set to the desired depth.
And One of the inner diameter set to “clear out a pocket” set to 0 depth Ensuring that this one is atop the prior one.
Easel lives off this layering process and using a zero Depth effectively masks portions of other design elements you want to leave uncut…