Rotary Axis for X-Carve 1000?

I would like to laser carve onto bottles using the X-Carve. I have a Jtech addon laser, but as far as I can find on the web, using a rotary axis is next to impossible on the X-Carve without major modification, which I’m not hip on doing.

I’ve read in some forums to use the Y-Axis for connecting a rotary axis, but not really clear on that. If the X-Carve can’t do it, what cost-effective alternatives will? Any help is appreciated.

What you’d do is unplug the Y axis (you may need to clamp the gantry in position since it could move freely once the steppers are disconnected) and then plug your rotary into the Y connector you’ve unplugged then you’ll of course have to modify the $101 setting (this is steps per mm, but will need to be configured for steps per rotation of the rotary, this might even be in the rotary documentation if it’s a purchased rotary unit) So it is a possible setup, but definitely not a plug and play situation and Inventables likely won’t offer any support if it results in an issue…

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