Rotary axis - simulate cnc lathe turning

Is it possible to install a rotary axis, machine a profile shape along the x axis, while consistently moving the z axis, similar to a CNC lathe. There are two parts to this application, the X carve pro ability and the Easel programming ability, any experience or advice on how to accomplish this type of machining?

Not with Easel.
What are you trying to make? Do you have a rotary axis?

I am attempting to use the x carve pro with rotary axis to mass produce round handles, like illustrated in the picture.

You just need to create a dowel of a specific diameter?
Adding a rotary axis is possible by temporarily switching from Y to A, but Easel won’t generate the gcode. If it’s just a dowel, I wouldn’t waste the money on a rotary axis. Build something worth a dc motor and just run it like a lathe.

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