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Rotary Laser

I have had an X carve for just about a year and just bought a 3d printer the other day, my (94 year old) dad inquired about a laser to engrave the pens that he makes anyone have any suggestions? because they are cylindrical I would like something with a rotary axis. looking for something sub 3000.00 either stand alone or something ii can integrate to my x carve.

search e-bay there are many K40 laser with rotary attachments. they would be as cheap as adding a laser to your x-carve and you would have to leave an axis off the x-carve to control a rotary with the stock controller. It will only control three axis. you would need a DSP controller or similar and by the time you upgraded your x-carve you could just buy a dedicated laser.

K-40 systems from china are cheap and work well.

thanks for the help this forum has always been a great source of info for my cnc adventure.

That might do the trick Ill for sure look into it thank you


Looking at purchasing the K40 roller assembly for my laser system. I had a few questions prior to purchasing

  • what is the smallest (length and diameter) that can be lasered?

  • what is the largest piece (length and diameter) that can be lasered?

  • how difficult is it to setup to Lightburn and the new Xcarve?

  • is it worth the money? I have already bought a stepper motor.

Any help would be appreciated and Happy New Year.