Rough and detail cut depths

When cutting using two bits my detail bit cuts deeper than my rough cut . I’m using the same depth for both bits. Don’t know what is causing this problem.

Are you rezeroing the bit after you change them?

Yes, I am using the probe after changing the bits

Can you share your project?
What kind of detail bit do you use?
Pic of carve, showing the depth discrepancy?

The project is

I’m using a 1/8 straight bit for he rough cut and 1/16 upcut bit for the detail.

Are you setting the Z for both bits in the same spot? Find a spot on the board that the roughing bit will not cut into and set your height for the roughing bit, then when you’re ready for the detail pass move the router in the same spot that you set the roughing bit and set your Z for the detail bit.


I’ll make sure I do that. I know I’m in the same area when I set the Z for both but not necessarily the exact location.

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