Rough and finishing passes from Fusion 360

Is there a way to tell Fusion 360 to do rough and finish passes for a single piece of art, the way Easel does it?

I have a project that’s a single .svg file that has large, flat areas to be cleared out but also fine lines that have to be handled with a v bit.

I know you can specify different passes in fusion if you’re working with multiple pieces of art, but that’s not possible with this project.

Not the way Easel does it, but yes.
Can you share your project?

I do v-carved (prismatic) inlays with Fusion and do what I think you’re asking regularly.


this is a detail from it.

I did a test carve today using easel and was pretty happy with it, but using Fusion might have some advantages.

You’ll have to share the project.
File–>Share–>Share with Link–>SAVE

Also, I was actually asking for the Fusion file, so I could help with the toolpaths.

I think I eventually hit save.

I don’t have this in Fusion yet, I wanted to verify that it was doable before I spent the time learning how to do it.

I think the main advantage would be to use more than just two bits.