Rough cut / Uneven / Not complete

I’m new to X-Carve and Easel Pro and I am lost at why the project did not come out complete and/or correctly. Please help and tell me what I may have did wrong, thank you.

How deep are you carving?

the flag was aprox 1/4 inch and the rest was aprox 1/2. Every time I generated a detailed preview it would be on there one time and then the next it wouldn’t and then it would be on there but in the background…

It’s hard to see but rate of cut maybe too fast. Also. I would try to make a shallow cut, maybe .1 or .2 of an inch. Also split into several work pieces to carve. Are you bits sharp? What bit are you using?

The bits are brand new. What would make the cut be off center though? I used an 1/8 in for rough and 60 degree vcarve for detail. How do you split it up into several parts and make it all work on one project?

Your carving the shield and the family name on multiple levels. That’s hard to get it to look right. It appears that the family name is the deepest carve. Correct? I would cut the flag first. Cut it say .1 inch. Then cut the family name at .2 inch. Set it in a second work piece. The shield would be on a third work piece. I would create a flat area at .2. Then carve the shield

Not sure if you have looked at any of my videos but you might consider taking a look and see if they can help you. Here is a link to my channel