Rough lines


Wondering if i could get some help on how to fix this, im cutting 6mm mdf using a 1.5mm downcut and am getting these rough lines on the finished product. Tried running at full depth on final cut but it hasn’t made a difference.

I would try an upcut bit so it will get the dust out of the cut.

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I just tried and it didn’t make a difference, was probably worse

I use the carbide 2 flute straight bit from inventables, marginally better but with MDF its never perfect. How many passes are you taking I do mine in 3.

Going 0.8mm per pass and it’s 6.1mm wood so does that mean it’s doing 8 passes??

Any flex in the material hold-down can affect this also.
How is the sheet secured ?

It’s sticky taped with super glue in between in 3 places, would that happen to only one side though?

I suspect your router/bit is not in tram (not truly perpendicular to your work surface)
If the bit is slightly angled it will engage all material on one side and create small “steps” on the opposite side.

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