Rough out pocket finish with bowl bit

Is there a way to use a straight bit to rough out a pocket for a bowl then do a detail carve with a bowl bit to smooth the floor of the bowl and radius the inside corner.

There is not an automated method to do this within Easel.
The user would need to plan this process out and adjust the design widths and depths and bit selection to achieve this result.

Figured this out yesterday and it seems to work.
Easiest if you work center zero.
Do a roughing cut using bowl bit with a big stepover 40 or 50%. and carve the bowl.
When done the spindle stops at x0 & y0 just go back to Easel, change the machine settings step over 2% and the depth of cut to 1mm +/- . set 0 Z at the floor of the rough cut and run the file again. Takes longer to write than to do.
The floor of the bowl will be smooth, and the carve time much shorter than if you ran the rough cut at 10% & then had to sand the ridges on the floor of the bowl.
You old timers probably had this figured out but hope this helps newbie or two.

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