Rough V carve

I have checked my machine…all tight and z axis is plumb with the waste board. Every carve with my 60 degree V bit leaves ‘steps’ . Very unsightly and I think not normal. Each step is defined with the change in depth for each pass. Tried the 1/8" straight cutter and still see lines at each depth pass though not so visible.

Are the steps visible equally on all 4 sides?

Yes…thats the puzzle…means the z axis is square…

How about doing roughing cuts and a final pass at full depth and see how that looks. What I see is normal router bit results. These machines, routers, and bits flex a little.

How do I set up a final full depth pass…

I don’t use Easel so I can’t help you there. Basically with Universal Gcode sender it would involve a list of multiple passes in deeper -Z increments, with a final finish pass to your final depth. It would seem with a 60 degree bit that the final pass would eliminate all those " step" lines you see by doing it. Somebody with experience with Easel probably could help you do it. I know I read people talking about a 2 stage carve…maybe that’s what it is called in Easel.

Before you take it out of the clamp just rerun your project and set your depth of cut to a full depth under custom. I try and run my V bit at full depth and the roughing in 2 passes when I I can, of course the material and depth of the carve dictate that.


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try decreasing the step over percentage for v-bit carves maybe?

My depth for removal is 3/16" Do I set detail with v bit to that depth for one pass and rerun detail carve to clean up edges?
I’m tired of wasting good walnut

Just rerun your Detail Pass, don’t change anything be sure to re-zero in the same exact spot. I rerun projects at times it helps to clean up areas. Key is you need to do it from the same X/Y spot.

Not knowing your machine or the project I would just do what explained above. Knowing my machine and my projects I set them to rerun at one pass full depth to clean up. I have done this on both detail and roughing in the past when I needed to. Cleanup passes are easy you have already removed 99.9% or better of the material so stress on the bit and machine is minimal. Just make sure your v-bit can make a 3/16" depth cut in one pass

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