Rough Vs Detail Height Difference

Been using my X Carve for a few months now and haven’t really run into this yet. I ran a rough pass with an 1/8" downcut (.0625 depth, 40ipm) on some pine and then ran the detail pass with a 1/16" downcut (.03 depth, 30ipm). Z-Probed both in the same spot on the board and the router definitely didn’t move as all the detail passes lined up perfectly and I’ve done the whole “flip the switches to lock the motors” stuff. This was on a 24" x 12" board, I was cutting 0.1" inches the whole way, and the issue happened throughout where the detail bit ran (I’m guessing) a couple thousandths of an inch deeper on the last pass over the entire board. The detail pass only ran around the edge of what the rough pass had cutout, but on that last pass (the last 0.01"…fourth pass with detail), the detail bit went slightly deeper than it should’ve leaving a deeper groove around the edge. It happened over the entire board so it wasn’t like there was a deep/shallow spot that caused it.

Any thoughts on what could’ve caused this?

I get it occasionally as well. I typically see it on thinner materials. I never have figured out exactly why. Sometimes I think it has to do with how tight it is clamped down and how much of the roughing pass is removed. Sorry not much help.

Wood can also “release” due to tension being removed when removing material.

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