Roughing Pass

I’d love to see a Roughing feature. You would make your design, and then specify a Roughing Bit and a Detail Bit. Easel would then cut what it could with the larger bit (the Roughing Pass), then prompt you to switch to the Detail Bit (and re-home it, I guess), then cut out the fine work (the Detail Pass)

That exists. It’s called “detail pass”.

Read this thread for lots more information about that feature

Thanks, Allen. You guys are the best! I’ll give it a try.

Hi there,

I just sent an email but just spotted this post. Any way I can get added to the early access as well? I’d love to beta test the cutting edge features and provide constructive feedback to help make this awesome program even better.

Michael, Just open the thread below and ask to be added to the early access for two stage cuts.

Hi there.

Would it be possible to have access to the new rough cut and detail pass feature please. Would find it VERY useful.


Just go to that “Two Stage cuts” thread and ask for access there.