Rounding edges (Longmill and Easel)

Newbie to Easel Pro here - I will try to make this brief.
I have a 11.25" board on which I am trying to round off the corners (imagine turning a square end into a rounded one) . I have used semi circles found online and the circle available on the Easel menu to create the path…
Each time I attempt to round off the corners, the rounding cut stars at different points on each side - Ex on the left the cut comes in at 3" from the top and it comes in of the left 3.125" from the top.

I have taken many runs at this using both the centre to material, and zeroing in on the centre. But each time the cuts come out different from left to right.
Thanks, GC

If you are talking about rounded corners and not fillets, you can use the “Corner Radius” feature. You need to select the “Shape” tab on the object pane after selecting the object in question. After that, you simply type in a corner radius into either the X or Y textbox. Note that the first time you enter a number the other one will change to match, but subsequent changes to either will not propagate to the other.

Here is an image of it…


Brandon Parker


Thanks for that Brandon. I’m still not getting it right. I just checked that my machine is square. I also did what you said regarding the radius, but the router keeps entering the workpiece at different points - one left, one right.

Sort of at a loss right now. Glenn

Can you share your project so one of us can look at your settings?

See attached jpeg screen shot. Let me know if you cannot open.

You can hit that right arrow at the top of Easel just to the right of the name. Then select the “Unlisted” checkbox on the popup window, copy the URL that is displayed, press the “Close” button, and then paste the URL in a post.

It looks like you found the Corner Radius section, but an 8" radius on such a small piece is quite a radius. Exactly what are you attempting to do?


Brandon Parker

Here is the project. For whatever reason I can’t get both sides equally rounded. I have used a circle here and covered the bottom section that I don’t need.

This is what I am attempting to build. I have done some by power tools but want to see if the CNC can cut these as I have friends wanting more of these chairs.

Happy to chat anyway necessary to solve this issue - web chat, phone, smoke signals etc…

Here it is Dave

Here is one with the back and seat. Note that this project assumes (based on the design referenced) that you are going to have 10" of stock sticking out the front of the machine (the notes say as much) since the design is 36" in length for both pieces, but you only have 26" of stock in your project (presumably due to using and X-Carve 1000x1000).

If you want the top edges of the back to have a much smaller radius than what is shown then that is an easy change. To me, it looks like the top of the design being referenced is just half of a circle anyway. The same thing goes for the seat’s front corners; I just cut them off just as the design showed in your link, but this would be a straight forward change.

Also, you might have to increase the width & height of the cutout where the seat slides through for a good fit. I made the design exact which we all know would be tough as nails to get the seat in… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smile:


Brandon Parker

Thanks for taking your time with this Brandon. I may be a complete tech idiot, but the file only shows the seat board with the cut corners. I cannot see the seat back that you reference (although I can see it in the file preview).

No problem…

At the bottom of Easel, you will see what looks like two upside down "v"s (caron’s maybe…). Press that and the workpiece area will pop up. There you can select which workpiece you want to work on.


Brandon Parker

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Thanks Brandon. I think we have solved the issue. You have been very helpful and supportive. Cheers, Glenn