Rounding error

When I enter 5.04mm the display reads 5.0mm am I seeing the rounded number and getting the 5.04 or will my machine cut 5mm, need to know for cutting inlays.
I just tried converting to inches and the easel will display to 3 decimal places, SOMETHING WRONG HERE?

There are other threads that deal with this but I will recap here. The Xcarve is a belt system that has a geared pully attached to a belt. The pully is 40mm around, and a stepper motor has 200 distinct steps. That leads to .2 mm per step. Meanwhile, inches are much larger than millimeters, so when you convert .2mm to inches you get about 0.008 inches.

Of course others in the forum will point out that the Xcarve can do micro stepping, but I wouldn’t put much stock in this getting you to hundredths of a mm precision. It will probably get you to about a 10th of a millimeter or a few thousandths of an inch.

That said, if you actually put in 3 decimal digits of millimeters, Easel will round on the display, but the actual Gcode generated will be accurate to 3 digits. Once again, a stock belt driven Xcarve will not be able to actually carve that accurately. Other machines or Xcarves modified to use lead screws might.


@HarryC.Ragland Thank you, it is a bit annoying, and I would be happy with two decimal places, but as long as it is correct in the g code that is good to know, was a little ticked off with it or I could have done a test. I use a 1F lead screw machine so I just have to make note of the decimals as I enter them.