Router bit selection

I have the X-Carve with the DeWALT DPW611 palm router. I originally set the unit up with the 24 volt spindle from X-Carve, but it failed. Kudos to the customer service from X-Carve, they replaced it. But I am currently using the dewalt.

I am having some issues finding very small bits for this unit. I bought a 1/4" shank, 1/8" cutting diameter from Yonico. I would like to get one that is 1/16" cutting diameter and a 1/4" shank.

I would love any suggestions on bits that you might be willing to give out.

I purchased additional collets from:

This allows me to use 1/8" shank, 4mm shank and 6mm shank bits with my Dewalt.

Thanks a ton. This makes a lot more sense than trying to find 1/4" shanks down to 1/16" cutter. I will buy at least one of these tonight.

It took about 2-2 1/2 weeks for the collets to arrive. They are very well made and work beautifully.

I had mine ship within about two days, and it arrived just a couple days after that. It’s top-notch!

I just ordered a 1/8" collet. Thank you for all of the help. I didn’t realize smaller collets could be ordered.

Thanks for the information on this. very helpful.

Thank you for the information! Do you have to buy a different nut for each collet? I see that in the X carve initial purchase, Inventible has a collet and nut option for the 611 to use 1/8" bits. Is that nut unique to the 1/8" shaft? if so, then does a 1/4" nut come with the machine anyway?

If you are talking about the Dewalt 611 or the Makita RT0701 then you can use the collet nut that comes with the router. You will have to take the nut off to change collets anyway.

The collet nut that Inventables offers is only for ER-11 assemblies and should only be used with ER-11 collets.

All of that being said, when I was using the ER-11 collets I had a few ER-11 nuts that made it more convenient to change between sizes, but it wasn’t nessecary. Now that I use the Makita, I don’t see the same being the case when putting in the Elaire collet due to the way it fits.