Router case wobbles and is loose

My xcarve is loose and I cancel figure out how to fix it. I’ve tightened the v wheels on the z axis.

Attached are some video of what’s happening.

Also attached is a picture of what a v carve bit is doing because of the wobble

Can you post the video to Youtube or use a different method to capture the video? Chrome is stating that the codec the video uses is not supported.

Also, sharing images of the machine and its Z-Axis will help.


Brandon Parker

I was able to download the video and watch it that way…
Your z axis eccentric spacers need adjusted to bring the v wheels into contact with the rail.

The z axis is a little different than the video shown here, but the concept is the same

These are the spacers that get rotated to bring the vwheels in closer to the rail

You’ll notice the spacers on the opposite side are cylinders as only one side is adjustable :+1:

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