Router drops when it is turned on

Hello all, looking for some advice. Recently, when the router is turned on just prior to hitting the “Carve” button, it will drop down from an 1/8 to 1/4 turn as observed by movement by the Z collar. All mounting hardware is tight and secure so I am at a loss on what to do. I suspect the problem is from the software rather than a machine malfunction, but again not sure. The machine is a Mill Right Carve King 2. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you can share the G-code generated, we can look to see if there are commands to lower the Z. It is unlikely software if you detect the drop prior to hitting the carve button.

It might be that the start up current draw of your router is enough to drop the current available to the steppers. This in combination with the vibration of the router might cause the nema 17 controlling the Z to slip down a little.

If you have the homing switches, it would be possible to start the router, home the Z, and then continue with the carve. I usually start my carves with 3 way homing because that lets me replace a broken bit and attempt a re-carve.

Harry, thank you for your expertise. I will try to upload the G-Code. Thx, Mark

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