Router light only

Hello guys, I paused the carve I am currently doing turned off the router cleaned out the vacuum, and went to resume the carve. The router light turns on however the rest of the router does not. Any help is appreciated.

the first thing to check on an inoperable router, with the light on like that, is the brushes.

How long have you used this router for, and have you changed the brushes before?

you may have gotten lucky and had them fail right as you turned it off…

I have maybe put about 35hrs on it

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Some of the new routers the brushes are failing way early. My son had the same problem he used his about a month and the brushes were shot. If i remember right it has been a little while back but i think there was a lot of traffic on here with the same problem and low hours.

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I’d pop that yellow cover off and check the brushed, the thing it you probably cant do that and continue your carve as the Z zero will be off…

You could try rotating the bit while the power is off and then power it back on… see if the slight rotation make it work to finish the job at least, then you can inspect the brushes after.

You could also use a small stick to rotate the bit (with your fingers a safe distance away) while its powered on and see if that gets it to sort of jump start into action…

Awesome! I will try these tommorow and let you guys know! Thanks for helping.

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