Router shuts off when gantry is moving in Y direction

While using a DeWalt 611 router and carving, suddenly last night the router looses power.

Upon investigation (with Z at the height position and no bit and the controller turned off) with the router on, I moved the gantry in the x direction with no issues. When moving in the Y direction and router running, when it gets about 6-8” from the front the router looses power. I slid it back and it turns on. Not every time, maybe 7 out of 10 times it looses power.

I suspected maybe a kink or break in the power cord so I removed the router cord from the system and ran the test again. No problems at all. Confirmed the cable is not kinked or twisted or damaged and reinstalled the cable the power loss continues to happen.

Any idea on where to look for the problem?

You Tube showing issue

Weird. Never seen that one before.
Is your router controlled by the controller or do you manually turn it on/off?
If it’s controlled by a relay, I’d suspect some major EMI.
If not, I’d say it has to be a bad cord.

I’d recommend running your router cord separate from the steppers anyway…it’ll help with EMI on the motors.

Mystery Solved.

This is something I never expected!

You were correct Neil

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