RUN CNC - My Project Log

My X-Carve has been waiting for the X-controller since Sept, so I have had a long time to build, mod, tweak, and square things up. Soon after receiving the X-Controller I was up and running. My very first project with the X-Controller and X-Carve, sent threw Easel. Painted and finished.


Carve number 2, a sign for my neighbors mace cave. Still in the works but coming along nicely.


How did you go about the painting of the sign? Very clean looking.

The Leica signs was first primed, then painted white, then with a foam roller I carefully rolled on the red paint. This way the recessed letters stay white.

Can’t wait to see the finished Mace Cave sign! “Tonight, on Dateline…”

Just finished this sign for my neighbor.


very nice.


Really nice clean work man. I’m impressed!

so, on the skull did you paint it black, then roll on the white?

Yes I did.

Just cut out a few tops to my 35mm slide lamp shades. These cut out in a fraction of the time it used to take me to do on my scroll saw. Minimal sanding required as the edges are nice and clean.



That’s a really cool idea!

Thanks for the compliments, here is a few pictures of some all finished put on a base.


Those look great! I’m really impressed! Are these for yourself, or do you sell them, or were they one-off commissions?

I sell them. I got a ton of 35mm slides when my great uncle passed. Most of the slides were random subject matter (non-family) so I figured I would find a way to use them. I am getting ready to put 5 shades up for sale once I get them finished.

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Those Rock!

Also beautiful photography. Nice work.

My latest project is a dice pen/pencil holder.

I feel a little lazy using my X-Carve to cut this out when it could have easily been done on my table saw and drill press. Although it is nice to have X-Carve do the work freeing up time to do other stuff in the shop. In the end I still needed to use the table saw to put the 45’s on all the pieces.

I think I am going to make another. Next one will be a translucent red clear-coat, white holes, and a phrase engraved around the hole on side #1. Just need to figure what it should say…