Run multiple parts efficiently

I did some parts in Fusion to make a drawer. I would like to run these all at the same time, basically using the full 4x4 space of my machine. They are very simple parts. I wasn’t finding and easy way to bring them into Easel so I made one stl file with all of them in it. Easel is predicting a combined run time of near 23 hours which seem outlandishly high. Is there a way to do this a single run of parts without the gross amount of time?

STL files are for 3d carving
I would simply make the parts using the shape tools on the upper left of 2d work piece

I know that stl files are for 3D. I don’t see another option to get files from CAD to the machine.

I think the easiest and most simple way to do this is to just make the six or seven rectangles in easel.

If you look closely at the picture I posted, you can see all the holes for connects are there too. Simply making “six or seven rectangles in easel” is not an adequate replacement for CAD.

Welp if you start carving now. Your parts will be done tomorrow :+1:

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Hopefully this will help…


Brandon Parker

Thank you Brandon. I have already switched over to CAM in fusion and generating G-Code there.

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That’s the right way to do this, but you could also use DXFs from Fusion and import things in Easel.
If you need help with Fusion CAM, post a question.

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