Run pobes in parallel?

Will the X-controller allow running to different probes in parallel. I have a probe for Easel Pro and another one for OpenBuilds Control. Can I connect both probes to the terminal block on the back of the X-controller? They would never be run at the same time.

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Yes, that will work.

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Thank you Sir!! Did not want to hook up two probes and fry something in the X-Controller!!

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I was wondering the same thing I have x-carve and recently purchased the open builds probe, which I really like. could you keep me informed as to how you went about hooking up. I’m thinking you would have to make a new Machine setup and enter the openbuilds probe Just thinking. could be wrong. Cold you let me know how you make out. Sam

Inventables said no. They said the X-controller does not have enough power to run two probes. I did get two comments saying it would work, but, went with Inventables comment.The OpenBuilds X32 Black Box can run two so I bought one. It arrived but I’m on a trip and won’t get home for five days or so yet, but, I’m looking forward to getting home and setting it up! I’ve read nothing but good on the X32 Black Box.

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Thanks for the quick response and update . I think you are right , I was also thinking o getting the openbuilds x32 controller. . I like the whole concept of the openbuilds format. thanks Keep me informed

Anytime my friend!!

Although it is likely that Inventables doesn’t WANT you to run 2 in parallel like that. There is no issue in doing so. There is no additional power draw AT ALL in having 2 wired up at the same time. They really try to help, but sometimes it seems like they might now know what they are talking about. (I’m sure they say the same about me on occasion)

Ohh and In OpenBuilds Control, you can either Setup multiple Probes within the Probe Wizard, like one setup as a Z only puck style and another as a XYZ Probe (even if its only a Z puck and you only probe Z using the top tabs) . . . OR you can setup your Own Macro for the probe function… using a Probe Macro you could actually setup MANY probes with their own saved thickness. I’m doing this because I have 5 different thickness probes now amongst the different CNC’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@SamDauria as for wiring the OpenBuilds Probe into the X-Controller. the OpenBuilds one has extra wires, for powering the LED around it’s border, but this is more an aesthetic optional thing BUT to make it function with the X-Controller you really only need to wire in the 2 signal wires, one for the plate and the other the ground clip that attaches to the bit.

Hi, Seth,
Thank for your input. I have been using OpenBuilds Control and really like. I tried wiring
OpenBuilds and Inventables both to the X-Controller with unimpressed results. Neither probe worked correctly. Easel would skip over the “Touch Plate” step and go to “Start Probe” ,however, it said to “separate magnet from the plate” (not exact words but close). The OpenBuilds probe would go from the start position to the center of the probe and stop. It would not touch the plate. That’s when I decided to get the X32. I feel the X32 will give me the best of both worlds. I use Easel Pro a lot and like it. I use Vcarve Desktop for my 3D projects and OpenBuilds Control as my sender.
Also want to thank you for telling about OpenBuilds Control, it’s a great platform.

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