Rustic Harley Davidson sign

Made another Harley sign, this one with fake bullet holes.


I like that font! what is it?

Looks killer

Looks like Carnivalee Freakshow

Yes it is Carnival Freakshow font, I converted it to curves and deleted the junk inside

what bit was used?

I used a 90 degree v-bit for the whole piece, then cut out and pocketed the bullet holes with a 1/4" endmill

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Phil I first stain the pine wood, with Dark Walnut stain. Then made my design in vectric aspire. Added lots of little dots, lines, for the scratches. Added holes and v-carved the sign


That is really cool David! Especially how you set up the aging scratches and marks.

Anyone remember the good old days when we used to “age” furniture with chains, rocks, and other methods of destruction? Time has definitely changed. :slight_smile: Now, we carve them.